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AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic of Tempe is located at 2145 E Warner Rd Ste 104 in Tempe, Arizona, providing a high quality of services in a variety of interconnected fields of health.

Our Tempe chiropractic clinic is dedicated to caring for each patient as an individual, weighing all symptoms as well as the patient’s health and wellness goals, and working as a team with the patient to provide permanent relief. We provide chiropractic care, allergy testing, sports medicine, headache relief, and much more in the name of finding the combination of treatments and exercises that help each patient find improved quality of life. We have advanced diagnostic equipment that sees beyond outward symptoms and informs the best treatment for each case. 

Our Tempe Chiropractor, Dr. Cory Wilson, developed a passion for chiropractic care after being injured at a construction site and receiving top-notch chiropractic care. He graduated cum laude with a doctorate in Chiropractic studying sports medicine, pregnancy, pediatrics, and rehabilitation. Physician Assistant Lauren Francis, MPAS PA-C, provides a specialty in psychology which helps patients to find the strength to work through rehabilitation and achieving wellness goals. 

We welcome the chance to meet with you to best address the health problems you face and your goals to live a healthier, more pain-free life. Call or schedule an appointment online with our Tempe chiropractor to get started on your path.

  • When I came to AFC, I could not turn my neck. Now I can. I can play with my kids and can do all the things I used to do!

    Tempe Patient

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