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San Tan Valley
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San Tan Valley

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Our San Tan Valley clinic, located at 270 E Hunt Hwy #A2, provides patient-focused, comprehensive care for restorative health.

At AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic, our philosophy is to approach each patient uniquely, providing an individualized treatment plan composed of chiropractic care, sports medicine, trigger point therapy, massage, allergy treatment, cleanse & detox, and more as the situation demands it. Each member of the team has unique specialties they bring to the table, working collectively to provide the best support possible on the road to recovery from injuries and other ailments. 

Dr. Louis Bock was first inspired to become a chiropractor in watching his mother go through treatment for lower back pain. His goals as a chiropractic doctor are to help patients thrive, reducing pain, gaining mobility, and improving overall health and wellness without the need to resort to surgery or medications with heavy side effects. He encourages patients on the road of alternative therapies for accident recovery and chronic conditions. 

Please reach out to our clinic in San Tan Valley if you would like to improve your day-to-day wellness, whether recovering from an accident, dealing with chronic pain, or wishing for a natural alternative to your medical regimen.

  • Dr. Bock came up with an eight week program and today is my last day. I’m so sad because I’ve really come to know and love all the people here. They’re so friendly; they just make you feel really comfortable. They gave me all the knowledge and information I need to actually succeed.

    San Tan Valley Patient

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