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Chirporactor in Mesa, AZ as seen from parking lot
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Our Mesa clinic, located at Val Vista & Baseline, combines medical and chiropractic care for the best of both worlds.

Led by Dr. Petula Gillingham, the chiropractic team at AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers of Mesa is very involved in the local community and strives to teach everyone about natural approaches to health. If you suffer from neck and back pain, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries, or migraines and headaches, the Mesa clinic is here to help you.

Much like the other AFC clinics, we offer chiropractic care, supplements, customized exercise planning, and so much more! To learn more, schedule an appointment today. 

entrance to Mesa chiropractor building
  • They’re all very, very friendly and they legitimately care about your well-being. I’ve gone all around telling everybody about how this has made me feel and they can see a difference in my attitude.

    Mesa Patient

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