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Neck & Back Pain

Stacy - San Tan

A holistic treatment for neck and back pain is exactly what a San Tan Valley patient needed. After suffering from chronic pain in her neck and lower back, Stacy visited AFC Chiropractic for a mix of chiropractic adjustments and exercises, seeing both short-term relief and long-term improvement. 

My main concern was pain in my neck and my lower back. And it was so bad that it actually hurt to breathe. I've been dealing with it for years really, I just kind of learned to live with the pain. And I don't really like to go to the doctor unless I need to, so it was pretty bad. I've seen other chiropractors, but it's always been kind of a temporary fix. And whereas here, I feel that the holistic approach really makes a big difference. I feel like I'm progressing constantly and I'm not only in less pain, but I feel like I'm more flexible and I have more energy, it's been great. I started feeling better almost right away after the first couple adjustments. And then once I started doing more exercises, I've just been steadily improving. My overall experience has been really positive. Dr. Bach and the entire staff worked really well as a team. And they really make you feel like family, you're never just a number here, they not only do good work but they're good people and it's really refreshing.