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Robert's AFC Story

Robert dealt with pain in the right cheek of his backside (to say it kindly) until AFC diagnosed him with sciatica and provided the treatment he needed.

I am Robert Copeland. I've been attending AFC for about three months with a sciatica challenge. I own my own business and so I'm in and out of the truck. I work on my feet a lot on concrete and just started feeling a cramp behind my right cheek, to say it kindly. And it got worse and worse and worse, and finally, I've come here for a consultation. So when I was at the gym, I was trying to do additional stretching to try and I just thought it was a cramp and then realized that once I was diagnosed here that it was sciatica. It's done twofold for me, my sciatica is completely gone, and plus, I have a bad right knee. It needs a knee replacement, but as of now, I don't feel any discomfort. The alignment is helping me to walk straight. Both knees feel much better. I have a lot less discomfort in my lower body.

Well, I absolutely love golf and it's helped a lot. My weight transfer, my core strength, they've given me a lot of different exercises to do here and routines and stretching that I've never done before. And me being 57 and I'm starting to tighten up a little bit and I found that it really helped my core and my ability to hit the ball straight. Again, I'm a patient at AFC and my name is Robert Copeland.