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Back Pain

"I'm running again!"

Out of all the chiropractors Rich has gone to, he prefers AFC in Phoenix, AZ for their ability to help with his war injuries. In Vietnam, Rich’s pelvis healed out of place after being hit by a vehicle run-in. It’s taken time, but he has seen great improvements through consistent chiropractic care.

My name is Rich Tutsi. I am a full-blooded Indian, and earlier my life, I served as a Marine in Vietnam. And as the years passed by, some of the injuries that I encountered throughout my younger life, I started feeling the symptoms since I got older. And one of them, I got hit by a vehicle run-in. And I didn't know it at the time, but my pelvis had shifted and it healed that way. One day, I met Dr. Brewer at AFC. I've gone to all the chiropractors, but this is the one of the comfortable approach that the AFC has given to me. When I first approached this place, I was advised that my injuries were here in my body for a very long time. So it's not going to take overnight, and it's taken a while and I've been coming to AFC probably two years now this November. And I start to feel the benefits and I'm back and running and I can breathe better. I feel better and overall, my health has improved substantially.