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Trouble Walking

Paul- Had trouble walking

Having trouble walking affects every part of daily life. This Gilbert patient didn't see improvement in his walking until he got treatment at AFC Chiropractic. Not only did Paul see improvement in his ability to walk, he was able to reduce his pain medication.

Hi, my name is Paul Golden and I'm a patient here at AFC Chiropractic. Before I came here, I'd been really going through a lot of pain, a lot of pain in my life. I've been to all different sorts of pain treatment facilities to get rid of the pain, what I've been going through, severe headaches, sciatica, severe back problems from my neck all the way down to my lower back. I couldn't walk at days. There were days that I was just in so much pain. I would take all sorts of pain meds, all sorts of Ibuprofen and just anything I could to get rid of the pain. Nothing helped. About four weeks ago, I found AFC Chiropractic Care and I've been coming here. Since then, my life has totally been changed.

Now I have so much relief. I'm not taking the pain meds the way I was taking them. I have more freedom of movement. I can make quick movements and not feel any pain or pressure. This has been the best thing that's worked for me. Like I said, since I've been a patient here at AFC, my whole life has been changed and I look forward to... I'm actually excited to be treated here at AFC. I recommend it to anyone who's going through the type of pain I was.