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Shoulder Pain

Patty - Shoulder Pain

After a rib and shoulder injury, an Arizona patient goes straight to AFC Chiropractic for holistic treatment, and is glad to report relief from rib and shoulder pain.

My name is Patty.

What was your main concern or condition?

I injured my shoulder and my ribs in the gym and I was in extensive pain so I came here. I had some injections with Natalie, I had a massage and then I saw either Dr. Scully or Dr. Damien for my treatments. And today I can say that I am doing much better.

How bad was it?

On a scale of one to 10, when I came in, I was feeling a nine.

How long have you dealt with that pain?

It took about six weeks of coming in with three days a week and having all the procedures I listed before. So, right now, I just come in for maintenance.

Perfect! How else did you try to relieve your symptoms before coming to AFC?

How did I relieve my symptoms? I did heat and ice. I did not go to a medical doctor because I knew I would probably end up coming here.

How was your overall experience?

How was my overall experience? A+.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We've been coming here for approximately three years and we have received so much help in different areas, also. I love the staff. The doctors are wonderful, the support staff are great. We've been able to recommend AFC to other people. I just could not be happier with the alternative care that we receive here.

Amazing. Last question is kind of similar to the last one, but what is it like working with AFC and the staff?

It's just so good. I feel calm every time I come in. My blood pressure is great when I have to have it taken, so I know that I feel comfortable here.

Thank you.