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Back Pain

Pam's AFC Story

An aunt in Gilbert struggled from back pain, being unable to bend over without pain, and not being able to lift her small niece, but saw improved strength and flexibility from chiropractic care at AFC.

Pam Flanagan. I've been coming here a month. My main concern for coming in here was my lower back. I have a small child I watch every day and two grandchildren. I couldn't even do the dishes before. It would have me in bed where I couldn't do anything. I couldn't bend over. I couldn't pick up my niece. I couldn't feed the dogs. I couldn't put their bowl down on the ground. It got to the point where I came in to do something about it. That means it was pretty bad.

This particular thing, it's been going on, on and off for probably years. I would go to different chiropractors on and off. Nothing consistent, but I know that's the thing with chiropractors. You need to go be consistent. It was a matter of finances and finding the time, but I've been to numerous, two or three chiropractors. I've done stretch therapy, and it's always been beneficial.

After coming here and being put on a scheduled source of maintenance of healing, I noticed a difference after two, three weeks. Again, it's just consistency and doing the stretches at home and coming in and doing the work here. My experience here has been really good with the staff and everybody explaining to me exactly what's going on with my body and the x-rays and the stretches and explaining everything. Everybody's been really, really awesome.