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Monica's AFC Story

A post-birth sciatica patient describes how AFC Chiropractic solved a sciatic pain issue she was afraid would be permanent:

My name is Monica Duch. My main concern or condition was I had a nerve problem after I had my last child, and she's about three right now. And I thought it was a sciatic nerve. During my monthly cycle, I'd have this radiating pain that would go down my right side, and it was just excruciating. So during my cycle period, the first two, three days, I was kind of incapable of doing my house, daily chores of being a mom, cooking, cleaning. It was hard. I had to lay down a lot, put my feet up, and I thought it was just something I had to deal with and live with in these past three years. It was pretty bad. So for the first two days, I had to lay on the couch, lift my feet up. I used to take Naproxen all the time, or some type of pain reliever. Didn't work.

Sometimes I would have to lay in bed, and I'd have to have either my husband or my daughter bring me something to eat, or what have you. I had to have my feet up. I wasn't a happy mom for the first two, three days. I was not a nice mom. I was just grouchy because of the pain, is what it was. I've dealt with this for three years. So my daughter just turned three. So after I had her, I think the pregnancy shifted my body, the lower part of my body, and I've been dealing with it since the past three years.

I saw nobody to relieve the symptoms because I was just told that it was sciatic, and then I just kind of had to deal with it, because there's not much you could do, because my mom had the same issue as far as sciatic. Anytime I spoke to anybody about sciatic issues, they're like, ah, well you just got to deal with it. Maybe do some stretches. I really didn't know that there was a solution.

I started treatment here. I had just finished my menstrual cycle from being here, and then I was here for about a month and then my cycle was due again, of course, every month. And I was really nervous, and kind of like, oh great, here it comes type of thing, and it shocked me because I was pain-free. I had no pain. The sciatic nerve was gone. The radiating was gone. I was waiting for it. My mind was mentally, permanently expecting it. So to not have it, I had, like, the biggest smile. I couldn't wait to come back into the office to tell Natalie, the one who's been doing the treatments in my back, and to tell the office "I have no pain," which is kind of funny because you're roaming around the office bragging about you're pain free during your cycle. It's just weird.

My overall experience here at AFC Chiropractic has been absolutely amazing. Our whole family comes here now. You don't realize the impact that they have until you start treatment, and you realize that this is a solution, not medication. I was always going to pain relievers, anything I can do to relieve the pain, to mask it. And here, being here, them educating us, doing the stretches and listening to everything and actually getting the adjustments, I haven't had not one pain reliever. I haven't had Naproxen. I haven't had ibuprofen since I started, and it's been two months. And my go-to is you got to go to the chiropractor. AFC has been absolutely amazing and I love it. And they're my go-to. They're my medication.