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Back Pain

Michele's AFC Story

A Tempe, Arizona chiropractic patient is able to live her normal life with lower back pain thanks to continuous chiropractic support from AFC Chiropractic.

My name's Michele. I have been coming here since, I want to say, April maybe of 2017. My biggest issue that I was having before I came in and what caused me to come in was low back pain. I would have excruciating low back pain along with muscle spasms that would prevent me from essentially being able to move when I was having those issues.

Initially, it had started before I first came to see you guys, probably a few years before I came in but it was there, it was pretty intermittent. I would go months at a time without having a serious issue and then eventually it got to where it was a lot more frequent. Once I came in here for my first treatment, I mean, it was almost immediate relief in a lot of ways, and then I noticed after a couple of weeks of having regular visits I was able to do some of the things that I couldn't do before and not have that back pain and those muscle spasms start.

Everything with my experience here has been really, really positive and amazing. It's the best part of my day or week coming in here because I feel so amazing afterwards and, again, the long-term benefits I really see. I don't just feel good that day but I'm able to go home and do things that I would dread doing before because it would cause me so much pain, like mopping my floor, giving my dogs a bath. I can get through giving both of them a bath and I have some pain, but before it would be so bad and it would cause an episode of the muscle spasms and things. I would spend days recovering and now it's a few minutes later and I'm good so I can live my normal life.