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Back Pain

Unable to function with every day tasks, until now!

Michael developed a nasty work injury in his lower back, by his own account from working himself too hard. He sought out holistic treatment for his work injury at our Peoria chiropractic center, and was so relieved he recommends it to everyone. 

My main concern before coming here, was I was experiencing lower back pain and even some upper back discomfort. But I was worked myself into an injury to the point where I was leaning to one side and in a severe amount of pain.

On a scale of one to 10, I was probably sitting at right around an eight. My mobility was restricted, and I couldn't really function with my everyday tasking.

Dealing with lower back pain for me has probably been about 10 years of my life that I can recollect.

When I came here, I immediately started feeling better. There was a lot of soreness, and it was very tiresome from the treatments. But I noticed as I came here more frequently, probably within the first three or four visits, I was feeling a little bit of relief. It wasn't an instant straightening, but I can sense that my body was reacting to all of the treatments.

My overall experience here has been wonderful. The staff is extremely friendly. When I set foot in the door and saw how everybody works together and everybody knew exactly what their tasks were, it made me feel good as a customer. I have recommended and referred my son here, who has a shoulder injury and discomfort. Just yesterday, I brought my wife here, who's experiencing lower back pain. So highly recommend it and very happy with the staff and the results.