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Melissa - Migraines

There is treatment for daily headaches! There is treatment for daily headaches. This Gilbert, AZ patient had headaches every day until she got treatment at AFC Chiropractic, reducing her headaches from every day to three times per week, with no more migraines. Visit one of our chiropractic centers in the Phoenix area for holistic headache treatment that focuses on your unique symptoms and experiences.

My main concern before coming to AFC was my migraines and my headaches. I was experiencing headaches on a daily basis and migraines a few times a month. It was pretty bad. It started when I was 18 is when they started happening. And then within the past two years, I'm 25 now, so I was about 23 it started going every day headaches is what I was getting and I was getting migraines so often that I would be out of commission for the entire day. I wouldn't be able to work. I wouldn't be able to make plans with family, with friends. I wouldn't be able to do any of that. I would just be in my room and oftentimes they got so bad that it would lead to me vomiting too.

So I went to several different doctors, was put on several different medications and unfortunately all the medications reacted badly with my body and I had to go off of them. So it came to the point where I just accepted it, that living with headaches was my life. It was normal and I just had to deal with it. If it got too bad while I was at work, I would take Excedrin. And that's not great for you, so I wouldn't want to, but I would have to if I needed to focus at work I would just take a bunch of Excedrin and try to dull the pain.

Within about two weeks is when I had my first normal day, an entire day without a headache, which was amazing. And I hadn't had that in a couple of years. So that was the first was in a couple weeks. And then I have now been under treatment for two months and my headaches have gone from every day to only about three times a week. And my migraines are gone. I haven't had a single migraine in two months, which is also super rare and it's amazing to feel normal again.

My overall experience is amazing. The staff is great. They really work with you. They try to do what they can to make you comfortable to they ask you questions every time. What's different, any pain in certain areas today, what can we work on? They really are in depth with everything, which is what I like instead of just, here, here's a pill, this should make you feel better. So my experience here is great because they actually want me to get better. And they actually want me to have a normal life and be able to go back to doing things and not be afraid to go to concerts because I might have a migraine or have to cancel plans with my family and friends. They actually care here. So it's been amazing.