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Neck & Hip Pain

Marlene's AFC Story

Holistic chiropractic care aligns and nurtures all parts of the body including the neck, shoulders, and hips. A patient of holistic chiropractic treatment describes how her experience at AFC Chiropractic was better than her previous clinic, with staff taking time to educate and emotionally support patients throughout the treatment process.

My name is Marlene Venus. I've been coming here since... I think it was in February or March of this year. My main concern was my neck and my shoulder, and I also had problems with my hips, also. It was really bad that one time I couldn't get up; if I get up, I can't walk right away. And then my neck [muscles] are really stiff, and it's hard for me to get some sleep. I've seen one chiropractor before; I've only seen him once, and it's okay. I didn't feel any difference or anything.

I like it here. When I first came here, they did x-ray and they talked to me about different parts of your muscle, or your bones and stuff. I didn't know what those are, it affecting different areas of your body, especially your back or the nerves, I think. I wasn't clear on that, but they explained it to me. And now my neck is feeling better; it's really good. People here are friendly, and I can tell they really care about your health and they want you to feel better.