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Back Pain

Mark's AFC Story

Struggling with upper back and neck pain, An Arizona patient feels a knot in the back of his neck until he receives holistic chiropractic treatment at AFC.

Hi, my name is Mark.

What was your main concern or condition?

We've been coming here about three years and my main concern at that time to bring us here was pretty much constant back pain and carrying my stress in my shoulders and neck and that was also bothering me. So, we've been coming to chiropractors for many years and so chiropractic was my first choice. And then we had a recommendation from our daughter to come here and we've been here ever since.

Most recently, I've had some bouts with, short bouts with vertigo lasting a couple, three weeks, and just came in today for a treatment on that and I had one last week. It takes usually about three treatments and just adjusting the neck, the upper neck, and the vertigo goes away and it's usually gone for several months. I don't know why it hits but they take care of it, either Dr. Scully or Dr. Damien, and then the regular maintenance about every month to come in too.

How bad was it?

Initially when we came in, the neck muscles were like ropes across the back and the upper neck, upper spine and back, lower back and hips, kind of a mess. And then after a few treatments we started out a couple of times a month or maybe a couple of times a week and then it just kept getting a wider and wider gap between visits over about probably close to a year. It came to the point where we were on maintenance and it has been that way ever since except when something comes up so.

What else have you done to try and relieve your symptoms?

Well, not a whole lot because the chiropractic and the visits here usually took care of it. We didn't need to do much at home other than ice and heat occasionally. We did get some equipment initially at home that really helped as far as the neck and the spine are concerned, and of course some exercises for stretching and that has helped a lot as well.

How long did it take for you to start feeling better?

Initially I would say it didn't take very long at all, two or three months, and then progressing over a year to get in what I would consider feeling really good and then maintaining that.

How was your overall experience?

My experience has been excellent. We have the friendly staff engaging with us at a personal level instead of just all medical and all clinical. The PT, the exercises, stretching that we've needed from instruction and that, the PA's working with us as far as injections and blood draws for that that we've been able to take advantage of as well. For total health really, it's been great and a good place to come. Not one employee has ever not been just really good, an A+.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Just that we have been so happy here and as far as anything else to add I would just say we recommend this place and have recommended it and have had some people come in at our recommendation that I think would back up exactly what we're saying.