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Effective fibromyalgia treatment is hard to find. Maria wanted more than just a pill, she wanted effective and long-lasting pain relief. By working with a team of experts at AFC Chiropractic, she found a fibromyalgia treatment that worked for her.

All right, what was your main concern when you first came in?

My biggest concern when I came into this clinic was finding a doctor that dealt with fibromyalgia and the concerns dealing with fibromyalgia. And I was very fortunate to find it in this clinic with the doctor and basically someone that would think out of the box, nutritionally, everything around it with fibromyalgia to help me with the pain. And I found it here.

And then how bad was it? The fibromyalgia?

My fibromyalgia was pretty bad when I came here seeking help. And it was very difficult for me moving my arms. I had widespread pain all over my back, my lower back, down my arms, pretty much all the pressure points that typically happens with fibromyalgia. My energy level was very, very low and it was pretty bad. I would say from a scale to one to five, when I started coming here, I was into the fours.

Oh, wow. And then did you see any other doctors for this condition?

I did see my doctor for this condition. She was the one that actually diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and pretty much just gave me a pill and sent me on my way. And that was just not okay with me. I wanted something that a team of experts that would help me fight it and not just be okay with it. I wasn't okay with it.

Right. And then how long did it start for you to start feeling better?

I started to feel better very shortly after I came. I was sent home with tools to help me. I was asked about my nourishment. I guess, all the way around the adjustments, the nutrition, the diet, and my homework that they sent to me with the tools to do it better, I started to feel quite better, which I would say within six to eight weeks.

Great. How was your overall experience?

My overall experience was very good. I kept hearing about people graduating, being it was their last day and I didn't want to graduate. I just fell in love with the staff, with the doctors and pretty much wanted to flunk the last year, because I didn't want to graduate. I just wanted to stay on because I loved coming here and having assistance to feel better and to be held accountable. It was very nice. I was very, very satisfied.

That is great.