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Shoulder Pain

"I enjoy coming here!"

This Phoenix patient sits for not just eight but eleven hours every day. She's able to keep at it because she is looked after by AFC Chiropractic in Phoenix. Her neck and shoulder pain from sitting and doing repetitive motions is at bay thanks to the work of the chiropractic team.

Hi, my name's Mandy. I have been coming to AFC for about seven months. And when I started coming, I was having a lot of shoulder pain from repetitive use. I sit for eight hours a day, and then I also have a second job where I sit for an additional three hours a day. So I was in a lot of pain. Since I've been coming, I've actually been able to get rid of that pain as well as my neck pain. And the staff here is really great, so it's been a pleasure coming. I really hate driving downtown but I really enjoy coming, and they've helped me a lot with everything that I had going on.