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Back Pain

Ken's AFC Story

After having multiple vertebrae in his neck and upper back fused, a Gilbert patient received treatment for spinal stiffness & pain through therapeutic massage.

Hi, my name is Ken Steiner. My condition was that my back has been hurting probably my whole life. I had a congenital issue with my upper spine and my neck, and I had 3, 4, and 5 replaced and fused together. And that caused some stiffness and some other issues. Dr. Scully, after I consulted with him, I told him about that, and I was nervous about him adjusting my back and especially in my neck region. He says, "Oh, don't worry about it. I do it all the time." So he's been adjusting my vertebrae on top of the surgery, and that has loosened my neck considerably. I still have stiffness but that's expected. But it has helped. It was bad enough where that I have to move my body just to look like that. (He rotates his upper body to the right and then the left.) It's hard for me to go like... It's easier now, but before I couldn't even hardly do that. It's like it stopped right here.

How long have I dealt with it? The whole thing probably since college because I traumatized my neck in college, and I did not seek any medical help. I just dealt with it, and I lived with it practically my whole life, so. Who else did I see to relieve my symptoms? Nobody. I just dealt with it. How long did it take for me to start feeling better? Since coming here, probably about three weeks I started noticing an improvement.

How was my overall experience with AFC? It's been very professional. They know what they're doing. There's different areas that you go here to see. You got the PAs. You got physical therapy. You got adjustments by the doctor, Scully. It's good.

Is there anything I'd like to add? I'm glad my wife came here. She pointed me in the right direction. She said, "Why don't you give this a shot?" Because other than that, I’ve just been trying to deal with it myself. So, so far I'm happy.