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Migraines impacting daily activities

A Mesa, AZ patient is nearly free of migraines after spending most of her time in a dark room. Using a Pro-Adjuster guided by advanced chiropractic skill, the chiropractor brings relief to Karen’s migraines as well as the pain in her hips and back. 

My name is Karen. I've been coming to AFC for a month and a half. My fiancé came in due to some back problems and he recommended that I come in because I've been having really bad migraines to the point where they will stop me from doing anything, going to work, going and doing family activities. I just have to stay in a dark room. Since I've been coming here, my back has been a whole lot better, my hips are a whole lot better. And I've had one major migraine since being here. I don't get the normal back popping. She uses the Pro-Adjuster on me and I love the machine. And it has helped so much. And I love when she does it on my head because then I have no headaches and I have no migraines. And I haven't, like I said, haven't had one in over a month and a half since then, and it's a great place and they help quite a bit.