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Back Pain

Seattle native gets to enjoy Costco again!

A Peoria sciatica patient is skeptical about botanical injections and other holistic sciatica care, but has to admit whatever’s happening is working and that’s what matters. Not just the care, he loves the friendly atmosphere of the clinic and how he feels at home.

My sciatic nerve would be really, if I stood up for any longer than an hour, I had to sit down because my sciatic nerve was really bad. We're from Seattle so we shop at Costco so we're there a lot.

In Florida walking around pretty soon I'm going, baby, listen go ahead. I'm going to go sit down somewhere over here. Because I couldn't, I'm doing stretches in the aisle.

A friend of ours went here and I knew she was having a really hard time with her neck and her back. She started getting better. I'm going well, what are they doing? She goes, "well, they do this, and they do this, and they do this". I go, they do all that? I said, that's not uncommon. It was all that holistic stuff, botanical injections. I'm like one of them guys, botanical injections, yeah whatever. But it started to work and that's the deal. It starts to work.

My head says it's just psychosomatic. I don't care what it is, it's working. First day I felt better. I feel better today than I have in a long time. The people here they're like family. You walk in and they're calling you by your first name. It's joking and a sense of humor that goes on here. It's nice. I like this atmosphere.