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Back Pain

Joe's AFC Story

A patient in San Tan Valley had drop foot preventing him from lifting his foot off the ground. When herniated disc treatment didn't help, a San Tan Valley chiropractor found the solution to the patient's drop foot: working out nerve blockage in the knee. The patient’s drop foot slowly got better as he continued the new treatment.

What was your main concern or condition?

What was my main concern or condition. I came in with lower back pain, limited mobility, but more so than anything, I had really bad drop foot in my left foot; I wasn't able to lift it up whatsoever off the ground.

How bad was it?

It was bad enough that I was dragging my leg around and I was walking quite limply. My gait was really affected in the way that I walked, and it was starting to make my back hurt more as a result. How long did I deal with it? I dealt with it for about two weeks before it came in, and it progressively got worse every day.

Who else did you see to relieve your symptoms?

Who else did I see to relieve my symptoms? I didn't see anybody else.

How long did it take for you to start feeling better?

How long did it take for me to start feeling better. At first, we thought it had to do with herniated discs in my back, and so we worked on that for probably about a month, and didn't really see much gain in the foot. And then, through some different testing, we found a nerve blockage in my knee and we changed, or Dr. Bock changed the approach on the care, and pretty much right away I started to see daily improvement after that.

How was your overall experience?

It was really great. I enjoyed the office, I enjoyed the people who worked here very much. I found them all to be quite professional, and really seemed like everyone cared about my recovery and was invested in my wellbeing. It was a great experience.

That's so good. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Is there anything else I'd like to add... It feels great to be able to walk normally again. I'm actually having to learn to walk normally, because I was so used to walking differently, but it feels like my ability to have an active life and do the things that I'd like to do is just priceless. It's something that I didn't realize, just putting on your shoe can be so hard, and that type of stuff.

That's great. Thank you.