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AFC San Tan - Erin's AFC story

During her treatment for severe scoliosis, this desert ridge patient discovered her ribs were popping out of place and exposing the nerve endings, causing terrible pain. She started scoliosis treatment at AFC Chiropractic in Desert Ridge and immediately noticed improvement. She has a team of doctors helping to improve her scoliosis.

My main concern and what brought me in to see Dr. Jenny was several things, really. I had scoliosis in my back and I mostly had ribs on my right side that wouldn't stay in place, probably due to the scoliosis and other things. But my ribs would just pop out of place and nerve endings would be exposed. I didn't realize how bad it was. Really that I just knew that I wasn't well, and I knew that my pain was just super intense and I didn't really know where to go because I couldn't really pinpoint what the problem was. I thought I had a pinched nerve, but there was no way for me to really know at all, and I didn't really know what the exact problem was. I grew up dancing my whole life and in the '90s, like we were just told not to go see chiropractors, really.

I started feeling better instantly. The first time that Dr. Jenny adjusted me, I knew that I was in the right place and I knew that I felt better. I love Dr. Jenny. I love Dr. Brittany. I love Dr. Meg. Jenny and Brittany have both become very good friends of mine. I bring my whole family here. I came here when I was pregnant with my daughter. She adjusted my daughter like a week after she was born and we refer everybody that we can here. Everybody. When people tell me that they have a good chiropractor, I'm like, "No, you don't." Because I love ours. I love it here. They've always gone above and beyond for me and my family and it's just been priceless, really.