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Shoulder Pain

Jane's AFC Story

A Gilbert, AZ sports medicine patient describes her shoulder pain relief through holistic care at AFC Chiroractic, and how she found pain relief through combined sports medicine and chiropractic shoulder adjustment.

Hi, my name is Jane. When I first came here, I had a lot of problems with my shoulder, because I had injured myself doing exercise in the gym, doing a lot of hold downs. It kind of messed up my shoulder muscle and my shoulder was kind of stuck up here. I felt like I was always stuck with my muscle. Then, I also had a lot of lower back pain, because I was told before by doctors that I had scoliosis. I think it was really bad, because I would be in pain almost every single day with my shoulder. Just being at home trying to relax, I'd always be worried about my shoulder and trying to put heat or cold on it to try and help. Not a lot of stuff helped. Then, also with my lower back, whenever I would get home from work and sit down, I'd feel like I was crippled, like I couldn't even walk.

For the shoulder, I dealt with it for ... when I first came here, about a year. I had been working out previously because I was getting married that year. It had been a year after that, that I was experiencing all this pain. Then, my lower back issues I'd experienced since I was probably 14 years old, so almost 10 years. I have seen other chiropractors before, but I didn't feel like it was giving me much help. For the lower back, I was getting adjustments, but I went to the joint before and I didn't feel like it was helping much. I think I started feeling better probably about a month after I started coming, because I started noticing just different things like changes in my body. I just felt more energetic and felt like I could move around easier, and the lower pain stopped in my back after I'd get off work and just stuff like that.

I think everybody here is so nice. I think Dr. Sculley and Dr. Damian, they're just such nice doctors. I really enjoy the experience I had through them. I think that they really care about people getting better and they really care about your wellbeing. Their purpose here is to make sure that you feel better. They're not just collecting a check. They really care about how you feel and that you get better. I just think that everybody here is so nice and so helpful.

I think it's really cool that they do stuff other than just adjustments on your back. I also do allergy shots here as well, and that's been helping with my allergies because they're so severe that it's causing inflammation in my muscles, and so it's kind of preventing me from getting to where I want to be. I think it's awesome that they provide that service and also the trigger point injections. I think that was really good. It really helped my shoulder get better, and along with the physical therapy and the exercises they teach you at home, I think is really helpful because I can't be here every single day. Knowing those kinds of exercises and doing them at home really helps me personally.