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Hip Pain

Patient Testimonial James J.

An Arizona chiropractic patient describes how his hips never lock up anymore, making it easier to both sleep and do his job.

Hi, my name is James Jacobson. I've been going to AFC off and on for about nine years. Had a lot of tension in my upper back and lower back, and at the time I was a door-to-door salesperson, so that was affecting how I worked.

When we started getting into it, it did raise some concerns on what could possibly happen if I didn't start any treatment, like getting back in there and getting my back realigned the way it's supposed to be. I no longer had the tension or the pain from doing the job.

I feel a lot more confident about my quality of life. Prior, I've had times where my hips would lock up, either my right hip or my left hip would lock up. We've done a lot of work on that. I'm not going through the pain and getting it locked up anymore. So it makes walking a little bit easier.

Also, I have noticed for the most part, I'm sleeping a lot better. A lot more comfortable when I do go to sleep, so I am getting better quality rest. And also, yeah, I'm feeling a lot better since started going back with Nancy. And my first impression, a very professional, very friendly, instantly felt like they were going to help take care of me and help me get back on the right track.

Each time I come back to AFC, I always have the same sense of feeling that they care. They actually care about what I'm going through.