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Neck Pain

"It was hard living with the pain!"

After not one but two car accidents, a back and neck pain patient finally found genuine pain relief at a holistic medical center in Gilbert, Arizona. She sleeps better, has a new outlook on life, and spends entire days pain-free.

My name is Grace Bower. And I am here for treatment about my neck and my pain in my back. I have two car accidents, one in 94 and the second one in 2001. I have been in pain for 20 years. Very hard to live with pain. And I came here less than three months, and I'm almost pain free. I am so happy to be here. The treatment for me is wonderful because I sleep better. I have hope for my future. I already spent today without pain completely. The people who work here are really good on me and are kind. And they know what they are doing.