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Back Pain

Radiating pain making working uncomfortable!

Ever since he slipped on ice, Frank has had a T-12 fracture causing a pinched nerve when sitting. He visited a holistic chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ and had a 95% decrease in pain. 

Hi, my name is Frank Cole. I'm 59 years old. I work as an engineer. I'm at, basically, a desk job. Three years ago, I slipped on the ice up north and I was told I had a slight fracture of my T-12. I've always had a little bit of pain since that accident in my lower back area. I came to the chiropractor about six months ago. The symptoms that I had were... It felt a lot like a pinched nerve many times, especially when I was sitting down at my desk. I would have a little bit of radiating pain in my lower back and just some uncomfortableness. I've been coming here six months, like I said, and I've been doing the exercises and the adjustments. I've noticed a 95% improvement in the pain level in the lower back. Also, much better flexibility. I was having trouble, I used to run, and now I think I'm able to run. I have run since I've been under treatment, going jogging.

One of the things that I found was very helpful, too, is doing the exercises that were given to me. I continuously do the exercises on my own at home, and I find they're very helpful. What I'm working on now is... The pain level has reduced a lot. Like I said, it's 95% reduction in the pain level in the lower back. What I'm working on now is trying to get more flexibility. I have much better flexibility since I've come here, but I want to keep doing more of the stretching exercises that I was given and try to even get more flexibility out of my lower back. Things like putting on my socks in the morning, I'm able to do it, but I have to push a little, so I want to work on that flexibility. I think just doing the exercises on my own in the future that I was given will help improve that continuing on.