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Back Pain

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Eunice had back pain at a 10 on the pain scale before visiting a holistic chiropractor in Desert Ridge, AZ. Her x-rays showed her back was in bad shape. But that all turned around as she had chiropractic care. Eunice looked forward to every chiropractic appointment as her pain dropped down the pain scale and she was able to live happier. 

My main concern before coming here to AFC was that I fell. So when I came here, they did a full x-ray and they found other issues. My pain was about a 10 all the time. I had got with Dr. Jenny. And after the x-rays, she showed me everything. And she said she would work on a plan to help me get fixed up as best as I could, and she did. So I was looking forward to coming here every day because it was really helpful to me. I mean, I couldn't even in my head. Now I can do this. And I didn't even realize it until it was really brought to my attention because at work, I always have to do is this. I don't have to look.

My body start feeling better with all the stuff we were doing here, plus it helped that they're all so friendly here and helpful. And I looked forward to coming in here every time. I don't usually look forward to going to a doctor or a dentist, of course, but I did. I was looking forward to coming here because I knew after three weeks, that I was going to be help a lot and live a better life than I was. And I truly believe I am. I was telling people at work, go to AFC. It's worth it. I paid a little bit out of pocket, but to me, my health and feeling like I do, it was totally worth it for me.