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Erin's AFC Success Story

Migraine treatment through chiropractic care provided a San Tan Valley with migraine relief and improved quality of life at AFC Chiropractic. After experiencing chronic migraines three or four times a week, Erin found relief.

My main concern were migraines. I was getting them probably three, four times a week. I have dealt with migraines probably most of my life. But recently, the last two years have become quite intense. I saw different chiropractors and I even saw a physical therapist, but not in the same office and at different times. Probably since I've been seeing Dr. Bach, I have probably within the first three months, I started to notice a difference. And then it just continued to improve from there. My experience has been life changing, actually. It has, really. I've learned so much about my body and my health and ways to change. And his knowledge and his experience and being here in the office has really given me my life back.