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Chronic Pain

AFC San Tan - Chronic Pain Relief

Erin's severe neck pain treatment started with complete diagnosis: a fused spine through the thoracic region. She had headaches and trouble sleeping from severe neck pain, and had trouble doing day-to-day tasks due to the pain. By working with the AFC Chiropractic team in San Tan Valley, she no longer has headaches and her pain is improving.


I first came in because I had been dealing with severe neck pain that was shooting down through my shoulder. I had dealt with chronic back pain up until that point, but the neck pain had become so severe that I was losing sleep, waking up tossing and turning. I got severe headaches on almost a daily basis. And it was just really interfering with my ability to take care of my kids or work, or just do the things like photography that I do.

I was pretty miserable. My T2 to T12 spine was fused in the one bone, the thoracic region. So since then I've had chronic pain in my thoracic and lower back. And then this past January, I began having the severe pain in my neck, shooting down through my shoulder and started coming here after dealing with that for six months and just hoping it would get better. And it was suggested that I get an MRI. So I got an MRI done and found out exactly what was going on with disc degeneration and the reverse lordosis after that things just started to get better. But definitely after the first month to two months, I noticed a huge change in that I didn't have the headaches anymore. I had a great experience here at AFC San Tan Valley.

It's such a cool little family. The workers are all so sweet and they really care about your wellbeing and they want you to get better. It's like you become a team with them and what do you need? How are you doing? How can we help you? And they have a lot of great equipment and resources and they give you stuff to do at home to help you while you're there. And you can just tell that they care.