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Acid Reflux, Sleep Issues & Back

Acid Reflux, Sleep Issues & Back pain have improved!

Originally coming to the chiropractor for back pain, Ed brought up his chronic insomnia and development of acid reflux. Rather than turning him away, Dr. Bock used his holistic medical knowledge to treat all three. Ed says the relief from insomnia, acid reflux and back pain has changed his life.

Hi, my name is Ed. I've been coming to San Tan since October of 2015. I came here initially because of my back pain. It turns out I've had back pain for over 30 years. I'm 51 years of age and I have just got used to having this back pain all the time. Whether I was at work, at rest, standing up, sitting down, it didn't matter, I had huge amounts of back pain. Within a session or two of meeting with Dr. Bock, he adjusted my spine and my back pain began to go away.

While I was here, I also talked to Dr. Bock about some problems I was having with sleep. I'd been suffering with periodic insomnia and had also begun to develop acid reflux. Dr. Bock was able to address both of those with spinal adjustments, as well as some additional herbal supplements, which have been great and as a result, my back pain is gone, I tend to get a good night's sleep nowadays, and I have not really experienced a severe attack of acid reflux in quite a long time. I really recommend coming here to San Tan. It's going to change your life. It certainly changed mine.