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Hip Pain

Dr. Bock has truly helped me!

18 years after a hip replacement, this San Tan Valley patient finally finds a treatment that works for his long-term hip pain. Other chiropractors did simple adjustments and waved him away, but this chiropractic center supported him as a team. 

My main concern was my hip, which had a hip replacement 18 years ago. And I just had one replaced this year. It's been a problem. It takes a long time to get this thing back in shape. I've dealt with it for a whole year, and it's been an experience that I didn't expect because of tech. A lot of times that I didn't do the right things until I came here, my experience, I can go on there. Dr. Bach has helped me and his staff to get me to where I exercise. And I dealt with this thing for a long time. It has been ever since I was 13, I've had the pins put in. So they see it was other chiropractors that I just went in. They just did a couple adjustments every time and never really helped. I received great help here. And it was just a great experience.