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Back Pain


This Gilbert back pain patient visited clinic after clinic for 30 years trying to find the right treatment for his neck and back. He dealt with pain and stiffness for years and found minor relief at different medical centers, but he wasn’t impressed until he visited our holistic medical center in Gilbert, Arizona.

Generally, I have a lot of back, lower back, and neck issues; pain and stiffness. I could not do a lot of things I'd like to do without pain. I've dealt with it for probably 30 years, because back in my younger days, when I was young and dumb, I did a lot of things that were hard on my back and neck. And, of course, now, I suffer from a lot of arthritis in my back and everywhere else. So, that contributes to the pain that I've experienced over the years.

... pain management doctors and some of those were more successful than others, but none of it was ever to the level that I'm starting to feel here. It seems like with these people the relief is a little better, and more long lasting. And I think the improvement has been much better, especially in my lower back. Overall, I'd say that the improvement is very good and I'm very happy with it at this point.