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Leg Pain

Art teacher now pain free!

A Mesa, AZ patient was in a car accident, and even years later was in terrible pain during and after teaching her art class. After visiting chiropractor to chiropractor with no significant improvement, she finally found a comprehensive chiropractor in Mesa that allowed her to finally teach her class without pain during or afterward. A comprehensive chiropractor provides wellness in the big picture, with a unique program of treatments to care for the root of each patient's needs.

My name is Corrin Newell, and I am an art teacher and due to a car accident when I was a teenager I've been in and out of wheelchairs since then and I've suffered a lot of leg pain and back pain. But in teaching my art classes, always after teaching it would be like one or two days where I'd be in just real pain, even though I was going to different chiropractors and different things. The other day I taught a class here and I had no pain, no residual pain the next day at all and I've never felt so good. And so it's an overall wellness approach that they have here, and it's really a comprehensive service. And I just am stunned at the difference because, as I said, I've been to different chiropractors at different times and this approach here is the most beneficial one I've ever come to. And I'm glad I found them.