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Back Pain

Endured Chronic Back Pain for Years

Connie had been dealing with chronic pain that disrupted her daily life until she visited a chiropractor in Desert Ridge. She calls her chiropractor very intuitive and is impressed by Dr. Jenny’s use of muscle testing and essential oils.

I mean, I've been seeing Dr. Jenny about four years now, I believe. I had some mid-back problems, and she was able to keep that ... It's kind of a chronic issue, and she's able to keep that so that it doesn't affect my everyday life, which is wonderful.

Probably on a scale of one to 10, maybe about a six to seven. Now, I'd rate it probably around a two to three. Probably more closer to a two.

I love what she does as far as her work that she does. She's very intuitive. I like the fact that she does muscle testing, and I resonate with that. I love that she uses the Young Living essential oils on me. That's something I resonate with.

I just think she's a wonderful chiropractor. I wouldn't have any qualms about sending people to her. I have recommended her to other people.