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Back Pain

AFC Desert Ridge - Christine's AFC Story

After an exercise injury, a patient had pain going down the leg that became more painful when sitting. She finally received injury treatment at AFC Chiropractic, and loved the company culture as well as her stellar recovery. 


My main concern was that I had injured myself exercising and had some significant pain in my lower back and going down my leg. Just really, really uncomfortable and made it difficult to do the things I would normally do every day. And I was looking for some relief from that.

My pain was bad for me. It was on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it was about an 8 or 9. I was really uncomfortable. I'd have to sit down between doing different tasks in my home. So I was pretty miserable when I came in the door. I didn't deal with my pain for very long before I came in and sought help. I knew I was needing some assistance and I didn't think I could go on the way I was feeling. So I came in pretty quickly. I would say within 48 hours of my injury, I was in the door and ready to start, and start feeling better.

I would say within the first visit or so, I knew I was on the right path and the intensity of the pain was decreasing. So it was a bit of a process, but that was what I was told to expect. So each time I felt a little bit better until now, I can say I'm a lot better and really grateful that I took the time and came to the right place to get fixed up.

My overall experience here is great. Everyone is extremely friendly, extremely welcoming. You always get a feeling when you're in here that everyone's cheering you on and hoping that you're going to feel better. Every single person you come in contact with makes an effort to know your name and ask how you're doing. And that makes it just so much more enjoyable to come back. And something that you would look forward to as opposed to other treatments, where you feel like you're just rushed in and rushed out. There's really a sense here that people want to get to know you and are really hoping for a great outcome for you. And that's why I enjoy coming here.