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Back Pain

Cathy - San Tan

A San Tan Valley chiropractic patient describes her treatment after falling down the stairs. Cathy experiences less pain and smoother walking movement, and even reports improved memory and concentration after chiropractic care.

My main concern was that I had come back from Northern California and I was going up the stairs and I slipped on the stairs and fell. About three weeks, and I started noticing that the pain wasn't as bad as it was when I first started coming in. My overall experience is good. It's great. I enjoy coming in here. The staff is wonderful to be around, wonderful to talk to. They ask me questions, find out how I feel to make sure they're having me do what I need to do to get better. I love Dr. Bob, he's great. He never pushes me more than what he thinks I can take. I have a lot of people. I have them all in here with me.

Before I came in and started working on all of this, I felt like I was in a fog all the time. I didn't remember things very well. My husband was a little concerned. After I started coming in and doing my exercises and being adjusted and overall I've started feeling better. And I noticed that I concentrate better. I'm more happy and more talkative like I used to be. I feel closer to what I felt years ago now, than I have in the last say, 10 years. Overall it's much, much better. My husband even told me that. He says, "I noticed that you're moving smoother. You're not forgetting things like you were." He says, "Your overall appearance looks good." He says, "I'm really happy. This is doing you some good."