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Neck Pain


In just 8 weeks, Carrie resolved her headaches, pain in her neck, back and shoulder, and her digestion issues by visiting a holistic San Tan Valley chiropractor. The local chiropractor found the root of her headaches and made a long-lasting 8-week treatment plan. 

Hi, my name is Carrie. I've been coming to AFC for the last eight weeks. Before I came in, I had a lot of tension in my neck and my shoulders and my back, and I was getting a lot of headaches. And I came in and Dr. Bock was able to actually find the root of the problem, which is what I love. He didn't want to just take care of my symptoms. He wanted to just cure me. And he did. He came up with an eight-week program and today's my last day. I'm so sad because I've really come to know and love all the people here. They're so friendly. They just make you feel really comfortable. And I feel I really made some friends with the staff, so it's been good. But I'm happy to say that I am pain free. I'm headache free.

And also before I came in, I knew I was having digestive issues, but I didn't really know exactly what they were. I knew I was getting a lot of bloating and I knew I wasn't regular, but I didn't know why. And you wouldn't really think to come to a chiropractor for that type of thing. But Dr. Bock was able to actually cure that for me and help me with that also, which was a bonus. But they gave me the right tools I need. They gave me all the knowledge and information I need to actually succeed. Today's my last day, but I know I won't be seeing them in the near future because they don't want to see me. They want to see me well. And they gave me the tools that I need to do that, but I'll be in to visit though. So I highly recommend them.