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Neck, Shoulder & Back

Years of frustration and finally getting relief!

Not just helping with her severe shoulder, lower back and neck pain, a holistic doctor in Peoria empowered a woman to recover from incontinence. The main focus for incontinence treatment was in physical medicine, exercises that strengthened the woman’s muscles over time so she no longer needed to wear incontinence pads. The doctor has also been a great help with her chronic pain.

My main concern was my neck, my left shoulder, and my lower back. And I was having a lot of pain, trouble sleeping at night. A lot of difficulty for a long time. I would say on a scale of zero to 10, it was an eight, and had been consistently there for two decades. Since I began my treatment here, I have completely stopped wearing pads, incontinence pads that I had to wear even with multiple surgeries, and even with the device, I had to wear them because of leakage. And I haven't worn one now for at least a month. And I just had lived with the problem for so long that I really thought that was how my life was going to be. I never expected that to happen and it's been such a blessing to me. I'm really happy and I really feel committed to doing my part, which is the exercises and the other things that they give me that I take home, taking my supplement and different things. I'm really committed to doing my part because what they do for me here has really worked for me.