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Back Pain

Desert Ridge1

A Desert Ridge patient's back had been hurting from bending over working.  The pain left her lying down to recover instead of enjoying her evenings. At last she tried chiropractic care at AFC in Desert Ridge and the hurt in her back was greatly reduced. 

My main concern was a hurting lower back. And it was from standing most of the time at school, because I taught young children, so I was bending over a lot. It was bad enough so that I had to go home and lay down every day after school, instead of going along and doing my regular routine. I took Aleve, not on a daily basis, but I did use it to relieve the pain. I started feeling better after several treatments. My overall experience has been very positive. I want to commend all the people that work here. They are cheerful, they are welcoming. And I think they're very professional.