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Back Pain

Adriana's AFC Story

A Phoenix, AZ mom couldn't bend over from back pain, suffering from a tight, sore lower back. Then her life turned around thanks to chiropractic treatment.

Hi, my name is Adriana. I've been a patient here at AFC since November. I originally came in because I had severe back pain. My pain was so bad that I couldn't perform regular day-to-day functions. I think the part that was the hardest for me was having a nine-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son that I couldn't take care of. At that point, my daughter had helped me actually put my own shoes on. I couldn't even do that. But in the last couple of months, I feel like I'm a whole new person. I feel like the energy and the support and everything that every single staff member brings here at AFC is irreplaceable. I feel like I am at the right place at the right time right now, and I couldn't be more grateful to finally feel like myself again. To be able to take care of my kids like a normal mommy should is completely priceless. And I would recommend everyone to come and get themselves adjusted and checked out because it's a complete game-changer.