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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point injections and massage ease pain in the knees, shoulders, hips, and other joints with chronic pain.

At AFC, trigger point therapy often includes two widely-recognized treatment options: therapeutic massage and trigger point injections. Depending on the location and severity of a patient’s trigger points, one or both therapies may be used to ensure optimal pain relief. The first remedy is therapeutic massage; this highly effective treatment option uses manual pressure to eradicate stubborn trigger points and stimulate healing. The practitioners at AFC offer complimentary massage workshops to help patients experience relief at home. Trigger point injections are the second treatment option, and these injections contain either a steroid (cortisone) or plant-based medicine (sarapin) to loosen the trigger point and reduce pain.

Types of Trigger Point Injections

Cortisone Shots

A steroid that stimulates healing, cortisone allows the body to heal faster and reduce swelling naturally. Cortisone injections can be administered by a certified medical practitioner at AFC Chiropractic in order to encourage the body’s natural healing process. Cortisone shots are most frequently applied to the knees followed by the hips and shoulders, easing pain from arthritis and other medical problems affecting the joints. Patients may come to AFC for regular cortisone shots, stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

Sarapin Shots

A plant-based pain reliever, sarapin can ease trigger point pain naturally. Sarapin comes from the pitcher plant, a staple in natural medicine for centuries. The roots have been used to treat smallpox, the leaves have been brewed to reduce fever, and the natural medicine it produces, sarapin, is used to block pain signals from being communicated to the brain. 

Trigger Point Massage

When muscles become tight and develop knots, this creates trigger points throughout the body. Our Phoenix-area practitioners utilize trigger point massage in order to ease myofascial pain, work out knots in the muscles, and promote healthier posture. Trigger point massage helps reduce muscle tension, promoting healthy sleep and making exercise a more rewarding experience. 

All seven AFC Chiropractic locations provide trigger point therapy, including trigger point injections and trigger point massage. Start your trigger point therapy in our Phoenix, Gilbert, Desert Ridge, Mesa, Peoria, San Tan Valley, or Tempe office.

woman pushing fingers into trigger point to boost blood flow and promote healing of muscle