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chiropractor examining athlete's foot and ankle for sports injuries
Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is an integral part of physical medicine modalities.

It allows children, young adults, weekend warriors, and professional athletes to recover from their grueling sports injuries without going under the knife. Sports injuries can sideline patients for an entire season, and the team at AFC wants to prevent this from happening. Therefore, our practitioners may recommend a sports medicine regimen in conjunction with regular chiropractic care to minimize and correct mild, moderate, or severe sports injuries. Combining these two medical specialties provides the best of both worlds for sports injury prevention and treatment. At AFC, every patient has access to hands-on, holistic healing. Whether you are involved in a club sport or the major leagues, don't let a sports injury take you out of the game! Call AFC to schedule an appointment today. 

chiropractor applying kinesiological tape to patient's shoulder to guide arm movements during sports to prevent injury, encourage healing, and create habits of healthy arm movements during sports