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woman with headache pain
Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches

A band of pain along the forehead is the primary symptom of tension headaches.

Also called a stress headache, a tension headache feels like a band tugging tightly around the front of the forehead. The direct physical cause of tension headaches is muscles contracting in the head and neck, but the root causes are more varied. Most often, tension headaches are caused by dehydration, which is linked to high intake of salt, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, or physical exertion without adequate water. Stress and lack of sleep can also be contributing factors, making tension headaches more likely to occur.

In most cases, hydration is key to preventing tension headaches. Potassium supplements help the body to absorb more water. You can also find potassium in fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooked produce to a lesser extent. If increasing your water intake doesn’t seem to help, please make an appointment to identify other factors leading to your tension headaches.

tension headache demonstration with man showing forehead pain