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Sinus Headache Relief

Sinus Headache Relief

Pain or pressure on the face, especially above and around the nose, is the primary symptom of sinus headaches.

When the nasal passages become inflamed, this causes pain throughout the front of the face. Most people feel sinus headaches the most on their cheeks next to the nose and on their foreheads above the eyebrows. Chronic sinus headaches are most commonly caused by allergies. Sinus headaches also develop as a side effect of a cold, flu, or other diseases related to nasal congestion. 

Easing your allergy symptoms will ultimately provide sinus headache relief. The first step for most patients is to identify the exact allergens involved through comprehensive allergy testing. The next step is to either remove the allergy from your environment or provide immunotherapy: building a tolerance until the immune system no longer responds to the allergen. Wherever you are in this process, visit AFC Chiropractic for the next step.

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