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Migraine Help

Migraine Help

Pain in one or both sides of the head, with visual and aural anomalies, are the primary symptoms of a migraine.

A migraine is a headache typically experienced on one side of the head, or occasionally both sides of the head at the same time. In addition to head pain, migraines often come with other nervous system symptoms, including visual and auditory phenomena, weakness, involuntary movements, and difficulty speaking. A migraine is triggered by stress, noise, lack of sleep, as well as certain foods and medications. Migraines occur three times more often in women than in men, and occur more frequently during natural hormonal fluctuations. 

For the most immediate migraine relief, take a magnesium supplement as well as an optional pain reliever (generally Tylenol or Ibuprofen), then proceed to sit or lie down in a quiet, dark place to rest. It may not always be possible to step away from your responsibilities when a migraine occurs, but wearing sunglasses and hearing protection can help provide temporary relief. 

Permanent migraine relief comes from improved overall health. Nutrition, restful sleep, and habits of stress relief and relaxation all go a long way in lowering the appearance rate and symptoms of migraines. Visiting our office will help you identify specific migraine relief methods that work for your lifestyle. In addition, identifying your specific migraine triggers, such as bright lights or salty foods, can help you to live migraine-free.

migraine on left side of head causing headache pain, leading man to clutch side of head