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Cleanse & Detox

Cleanse & Detox

Detox your system with the help of professionals at a local Arizona clinic.

If you notice sluggishness, inflammation, and fatigue in your daily life, you may find relief in a cleansing detox. Detoxing your body naturally can restore your health and bring balance back into your life. In the same way that a body needs to recover by taking a rest day from physical exercises to prevent strain or injury, or our minds need a chance to slow down to prevent stress or headaches, we also need to give our digestive systems a break.

Our clinics in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and across Arizona are committed to holistic treatment and healing inside and out. Our clinic treatments include natural body cleanses, detoxes, and blood cleanses guided by expert practitioners who offer top-of-the-line detox products and services to assist you in helping your body remove and eliminate toxins.

Detoxes and cleanses are practices with a long history in holistic health care because they support the body’s natural cleansing process. A detox aims to improve blood circulation and cleanse the blood of toxins, stimulating the elimination of the toxins through the intestines, kidneys and skin, and resetting the body by fueling it with healthy nutrients. Many patients emerge from cleanses feeling more energetic with better digestion and an overall state of improved health.

There are many types of juice cleanses and detox cleanses, but they follow the same general principles of holistic digestive care:

How to Detox Your Body

Pre-Cleanse Preparation

No matter what kind of detox or cleanse you and your AFC practitioner determine is best for you, a period of detox preparation will likely be recommended to make things go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Eliminating certain foods such as alcohol, caffeine, dairy, animal protein, refined sugar and others will get your body ready for the cleanse to come.

The Cleanse

Many people are familiar with juice cleanses, but in truth types of cleanses and cleanse duration can vary depending on whether your goal is to detox, jumpstart weight loss, identify food sensitivities, or simply undergo an all-over body cleanse. Cleanes and body detoxes generally involve restricting your food intake in favor of replacing meals with juices, clear broths, smoothies, or some combination of all three. Our clinic will prepare you for your cleanse with nutrition counseling as well as expert advice regarding recommended physical activity, how to lower stress and increase mindfulness, and to give you guidance about the physical and emotional impacts of your chosen juice or detox cleanse.

Post-Cleanse Period

Just like how you prepare for your cleanse is important, how you end it is vital as well. Eating lightly, gradually adding food back in, being intentional about what you eat, and eating mindfully will help you get the longest lasting effects from your cleanse.

For all their benefits, a body cleanse or detox is not something to be undertaken lightly or without supervision. It’s important to seek out a knowledgeable body detox clinic or detox center to assist you in planning and carrying out your cleanse. AFC practitioners can help you do just that, and can do so as part of a health plan that uses our full array of medical and holistic health services to prioritize whole body care, naturally.

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