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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing and food sensitivity tests are powerful tools for fostering a healthy body.

The team at AFC offer various tests to reveal nutritional deficiencies or allergies in patients that may contribute to indigestion, malaise, and chronic inflammation. In order to elucidate possible allergens, we use a wellness panel that identifies several common factors that are not usually requested for routine labs. We also provide allergy testing for environmental and food triggers that contribute to musculoskeletal and neurological hypersensitivity.

Seasonal Allergy Testing

Until recently, people with seasonal allergies had no choice but to shrug it off and go about their day. There was no way to determine what exactly people were allergic to: it could be hay, or tree pollen, or flowers, or even dust. Testing for and identifying your seasonal allergies is the first step to either knowing what to avoid or even building a natural tolerance to these allergens.

Food Allergy Testing & Food Sensitivity Tests

Food allergies and food sensitivities are frequently misdiagnosed, or missed entirely. Eating certain foods may cause your digestive system to become stressed or inflamed, and it’s difficult to narrow down which foods to avoid on your own. This is what makes allergy testing and food sensitivity tests such powerful tools!

Food allergies are caused by the immune system identifying a certain food as a threat. This triggers an immune response, which can manifest in several different ways: the throat swells, sometimes the inner cheeks tingle and feel ticklish or numb, sometimes the skin breaks out in hives. 

Sometimes the symptoms don’t occur until after the food has reached the digestive system, especially in the case of food sensitivities. Symptoms generally occur between 15 minutes and several hours after eating, and include one or more of these digestive issues: upset stomach, aching intestines, bloating or congestion, diarrhea, and nausea. 

The trouble with identifying the cause of a food allergy or sensitivity is that people generally eat multiple foods fixed together--it could be the shellfish, or the milk in the sauce, or the herb used as a garnish. The best way to find out the cause is to visit a local allergist for an allergy test. 

If you or a loved one experience frequent, unexplained digestive issues, or would like to find the true cause of their seasonal allergies, visit one of our Phoenix area clinics.

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