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To expedite the registration process, we have provided new patient forms for you to fill out before you arrive. Click on the Patient Center tab above to select a location and fill out the form.

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Insurance Options

Below are the main insurance providers and plans we work with, but we are in-network with a majority of insurances. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
BCBS of Arizona
United HealthCare

*We do work with flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings account (HSA). 


2019 Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) - Open Access Aetna Select Aetna Choice POS (Aetna HealthFund)
2018 - Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) 2019 Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) - Choice POSII
Aetna HealthFund Aetna Health Network Option (Open Access) Aetna Premier Care Network Plus
Aetna Select Aetna Medicare Plan (PPO)
AHF Managed Choice POS AHF OA Aetna Health Network Only
AHF OA Aetna Health Network Option AHF OA Elect Choice EPO
AHF OA Elect Choice Tiered AHF OA Managed Choice POS
AHF Open Choice PPO Arizona HMO
Arizona Open Choice PPO Banner Choice POS II Multi Tier
Elect Choice EPO Elect Choice EPO (Open Access)
HMO (Open Access) HMO / Health Network Only
Managed Choice POS HDHP Managed Choice POS
Managed Choice POS (Open Access) OA Elect Choice EPO
OA Managed Choice Open Choice PPO
Savings Plus of Arizona  

*We are in network many other Aetna plans. Please call us to see if we accept your plan. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

BCBS of Arizona BCBS of Arizona PPO
BCBS of Illinois* BCBS of Minnesota*
BCBS of Georgia* BCBS of California*
Anthem BCBS  

*For any out-of-state plans, benefit limits/coverages will need to be checked.

BCBS 3rd Parties

Ameriben Zenith Administrators
Gilsbar Meritain
Southwest Service Administrators  


Open Access HMO Open Access (Referral required)
Open Access Plus POS Open Access
Network POS PPO or EPO
PPO and OAP Cigna Global Health Benefits Plans
Cigna Choice Fund Cigna Choice Fund Open Access Plus
Shared Administration PPO Shared Administration Open Access Plus
Strategic Alliance Open Access Plus  


Medicare Advantage PFFS
Medicare Advantage HMO


United Health Care

Choice & Choice Plus Choice HMO (referral required)
Allsavers Charter/Charter Balanced
Charter Plus Charter HMO/Charter Balanced HMO/Charter Plus HMO (referral required)
Choice with Harvard Pilgrim Choice Plus with Harvard Pilgrim
Core Core Essential
Core HMO  Core Essential HMO
Heritage Plus Heritage Select POS/HMO (referral required for HMO)
Heritage Select EPO Heritage Select Advantage: IA, AR, GA, NC, SC, TN
Navigate HMO/Navigate Balanced HMN/Navigate Plus HMN
Navigate Balanced Navigate Plus
Nexusaco R / Nexusaco RB Nexusaco RP
Nexusaco OA & OAP Nexusaco PPO
Options PPO Options PPO with Harvard Pilgrim
Passport Connect Choice Passport Connect Choice Plus
Select Select HMO (referral required)
Select Plus W500 Emergent Wrap
Medica Choice with UHC Choice Plus Community Plan
Payment Plans

At AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers, it is our goal to provide quality healthcare to every patient that walks through our clinic doors. When we accept a patient for care, we have determined it is safe and effective to treat their underlying conditions. At this point, we will provide recommendations based on the patient's individual healthcare needs and goals.

A treatment regimen will be developed and explained to the patient before cost and other considerations are discussed. If you are concerned about whether or not you can afford treatment at our clinic, rest assured we have payment plans available. Continue reading to learn more!


We never turn patients away due to financial limitations, but we will suspend care for patients who do not commit to their health. If you have financial considerations that require an adjusted payment plan, we will work with you to customize your treatment regimen and program fees to ensure complete care.


If you are a patient with health insurance, you will receive a series of EOBs in the mail. Please understand that some of our services are labeled by certain carriers as surgical procedures. If you have any questions about your EOB, please bring it into the office and discuss it with your case manager. They will work with you to resolve your questions and concerns.

If you decide to choose one of our budget options or payment plans, it is important to know your EOBs may not follow your actual responsibility due to your payment plan. Again, if you have any questions, our staff will work diligently to resolve your concerns.

What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine that diagnoses and treats maladies affecting the musculoskeletal system. A chiropractor is a health care professional that employs various manipulation techniques to treat misalignments within the spine. Chiropractic medicine is often associated with neck and back problems, but this medical specialty offers so much more than that! With prolonged corrective care, many patients experience reduced pain, improved function, and restored health throughout their body.

Over time, patients require fewer adjustments because their chiropractor has stabilized, realigned, and corrected their spine. The speed of a patient's recovery depends on the severity of their condition, age, and physical fitness, so it's imperative patients remain aware and encouraged throughout their treatment. To learn more about corrective care, call an AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers location today!

What is Physical Medicine?

Physical medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various ailments, conditions, and disorders. It specializes in the treatment of nerves, muscles, and bones using various chiropractic and holistic techniques as well. At AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers, we utilize the principles of physical medicine to identify the root causes of your personal injuries or chronic conditions. It is our goal to treat your whole self rather than focus on your symptoms. Additional services provided through physical medicine include:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Supplements
  • Customized Exercise Planning
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Additional Chiropractic Care Products

To learn more about the benefits of physical medicine and chiropractic care, schedule an appointment at one of our locations today!

The Daily 180

Here you will find all things related to "The Daily 180."

FIT 15:

The Fit 15 Workout Generator can be found here. 

Here are video demonstrations for each of the exercise movements:

Burpee Wall Sit
Air Squat Superman
Lunges Pull Ups
Side Lunges Chair Dips
Pushups Sit Out
Dive Bomber Pushups Sit Up
Release Pushups Jumping Jacks
Walkout Pushups Mountain Climbers
Plank Hollow Rocks
Side Plank Bridges


ZEN 10:

10 minutes of meditation music can be found here



Here is our Fueling 5 Smoothie Recipe Book & the 28 Day Clean Eating Plan.