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Whiplash treatment begins with finding all the parts of the body affected by the injury. Whiplash is most commonly caused by car accidents, causing neck pain and spasms.

When helping a patient recover from whiplash or any other injury, the AFC Chiropractic and Physical Medicine team follows a holistic approach that begins with hearing from the patient exactly what symptoms they are experiencing. As an injury that occurs from forceful trauma including car accidents, sports injuries, physical abuse, and other traumas, whiplash often co-occurs with other injuries or struggles. 

Neck pain is the most common sign of whiplash. There may also be stiffness or lost range of motion, and the surrounding body may also be tender or stiff including the shoulders, upper back, and arms. Neck spasms are a common effect of whiplash which can also lead to greater pain and discomfort. Headaches, particularly where the head meets the neck, can also be an effect of whiplash, though they may be signs of other conditions caused by the car crash or other event. Pain in the legs, lower back, and other areas of the body may not be a sign of whiplash but an additional injury that also requires thoughtful care. Bringing together different specialties, the AFC team provides treatment to each whiplash patient as a whole person, providing treatment for all concerns and providing emotional support along the way.

One of the most effective treatment options for whiplash and related injuries is chiropractic care. As a leader in chiropractic care, we have perfected our manipulative treatment to correct misalignments in the spinal column. Patients receive quality chiropractic care in addition to massage therapy, nutrition counseling, headache relief, and more!

woman massaging right shoulder muscles to relieve tightness and improve blood flow