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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

From sleep apnea and snoring to restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy, sleep disorders affect every part of your day by depriving you of essential REM sleep. We provide a holistic, integrative approach to sleep disorder treatment, providing relief that incorporates all your needs as an individual.

AFC Chiropractic and Physical Medicine treats every patient as an individual, considering how your struggles with sleep affect and are affected by other factors such as stress, chronic injury, and nutrition. Our specialists in sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia work collaboratively with you and the full integrative medicine team to find the most effective treatment for you, your individual struggles with sleep, and all the factors in your unique situation. 

Sleep disorders can be better understood by the factors in people’s lives that are connected to them. Some, like insomnia, restless leg syndrome and night terrors, are affected by stress and emotional wellbeing. We have found that while medication can help, true liberation from certain sleep disorders can come from caring for the mind, and building a sleep routine that truly allows you to thrive. When a sleep disorder is caused or worsened by chronic injury and pain, we focus a great amount of energy into discovering the cause of this pain and a treatment that works best for you. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can be affected by nutrition, both positively and negatively. We work with patients individually to find a change in diet that provides well-rounded access to nutrients and matches their lifestyle and needs. Our goal in nutrition is to build a sustainable diet change that each patient is happy and motivated to uphold, and that generates real results in combatting ailments. 

Sleep Disorders we Treat

  • Sleep apnea: Blockage of the trachea during sleep that inhibits breathing and may be life-threatening

  • Snoring: A common disorder disrupting both the sleep of the individual and their loved ones, which may be an indication of a more serious disorder

  • Restless leg syndrome: A chronic sensation causing an urge to move the legs, particularly while resting

  • Narcolepsy: A disorder causing drowsiness and sudden bouts of sleep throughout the day, leading to dangerous situations 

  • Insomnia: Difficulty sleeping which causes significant discomfort, impairing cognitive ability, memory, and healing, and affecting all aspects of life

  • Sleepwalking: Activity including walking during sleep, most common in children

  • Night terrors: Vivid and severe nightmares during slow-wave sleep (early in the night) often experienced by growing children

  • Sleep paralysis: Partial waking during REM sleep in which a person is partially aware and unable to move

  • Other sleep disorders: Medical and/or emotional factors affecting sleep patterns that may be rare or undiagnosed, requiring individualized treatment

Our approach to sleep apnea, insomnia, and all other health factors affecting each patient’s wellbeing is adaptable and holistic, finding the best approach in collaboration with the patient and the whole team. If you or a loved one struggle with a sleep disorder, please request an appointment for your first consultation on the path to true relief.

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